Selftalk is relieving

[Tilburg] hello from this conifer cone. This was taken when I strolled in the woods 2 days ago. Yes, do I have make it clear that I was alone? Well then, the best thing of going to the little “forest” with almost no one was there but me, was that (okay, movie scene, the horror ones?) I could talk to myself, literaly. I recalled all the funny things in my life, my failures, my achievements, what went wrong, and what to do ahead. I really talked with normal speaking volume which however it did me good. Well, this probably doesn’t affect anything to you, but one question, when did the last time you talk to yourselves and have an intimate conversation within the ascribed you and subscribed you? The one you want everyone sees as your identity and the one you perceive as your true identity. They need to reconciliate sometimes, you know.