Obsolete? Not really

[traveling] in April 2013 I had the chance to costless visit Bangka Island. Yes, you are right, it’s Bangka, not Belitung. I do realize that Belitung, as you said, is way more beautiful and stuff and stuff. But for a free pass and free accommodation and free tour guide and free meals and free nanana and nanana, and that is Bangka which was offered to you. Then what would you say? May be no? Or of course yes? 🙂 let’s be straightforward everyone, question. Now that these things are obsolete. Please do tell me, what purpose do they serve besides Instagram? I mean, really, what do they serve? (I was standing and taking picture from a new metal beton harbor)



Movie script in Geneva

[traveling] let’s just imagine a conversation caused by this photo.

Here are some free choices, tell me which statement would you choose or invent your own! 🙂
1: “what is she doing there?”
2: “She probably still hasn’t yet completely adapted to the world.”
3. “Nice shoes.”
4. “She needs to get a little life into her.”
5. “Happily ever after has been defined.”
6. “Rolling on the grass is better than not rolling on the grass.”
7. “Titanic with less dramatic scenes.”
8. “I know it’s hard to get a cheap accommodation in Geneva.”
9. “She’s Asian”
10. “Does the world get really hard to live?”



A great Hungarian tourguide!

[traveling] Say hello to this Hungarian guy! His name is Daniel, my friend’s boyfriend. He was so kind and generous as a fulltime tourguide! He accompanied me since I have landed at Budapest airport until I have left the country with my mind weighed by tons of Hungarian history (told by the local, I would just second him without questioning anything). This picture was taken in an underground train headed to city center. See, how nice he was, having prepared a paper with my name on it, in case he would hardly find an Asian face walked down on airport aisle surrounded by totally white Hungarian folks, well, then maybe he /would/ hardly find a single Asian tourist there. So before I left Budapest, he said, “let me know if you’re ever in Budapest again.” Well Daniel, it’s been a year and I’M BAAAACKK! Can you pick me up at the airport again and we maybe should take some sip of coffee at New York café or walk along the Chain Bridge and climb the Buda Var Castle? And PS, 23 thousand of my closest friends are coming in. Hope that’s cool.