My first exam!

[Tilburg Uni] As a Graduate student in humanities, I know that some will question what I actually do and study for my exams. Well, it is true that we don’t deal with econometrics, figures, formulas, maths, statistics and stuffs. However, that doesn’t make it seems easier to deal with. No! The exam will consist of 4 questions, each question will have 4 sub-questions, which simply means there will be 16 questions of 2-paragraph-minimum-argumentative answers. As the basis of the exam, we are obliged to be really familiar with 11 scientific articles in which there are more than 30 concepts in total. Memorizing 30 concepts is still due-able, but relating and opposing each of them in a specific case of study during the exam is…… another thing.



Then what is Cultural Diversity really about?

Today I went to my classmate’s birthday party at Talent Square, her name is Emma. There, there were several people, friends of her and also another classmate, from Greece, her name is Talin. We were bounded in a good conversation until there was a Chinese girl came over. Her name is Yiyi.

So, Talin and I were talking about how hard to get funded for a Ph.D degree. Talin was really into the conversation and told such and such thing, until Yiyi told that it wasn’t “that” difficult as what Talin has said. But Talin insisted that it’s not easy to find someone who would fund your Ph.D and stuffs. Finally, she asked Yiyi what’s she doing at Tilburg Uni, Yiyi amswered, “actually I’m doing Ph.D here.” Talin and I were laughing out loud because we realized how stupid we were trying to convince her about how hard is to get Ph.D, to a current Ph.D student. Demmm..

We then continued talking, three of us, and another Chinese girl also. We talked and talked until Yiyi asked a million dollar question to Talin and I, “then what is Cultural Diversity really about?” Both of us couldn’t handle ourselves from laughing, no, shouting! Like, “WHAT?!!!” Then we didn’t know exactly, actually, what to answer, we were just goofying around with our answer.

That was fun!

Dagkaart and Amersfoort

[Amersfoort] this was city which we picked randomly to visit. The good thing about Dutch transportation system linked to their tourism promotion is a one-day-trip transportation card called “Dagkaart”. By using this Dagkaart, you only pay for 14 Euro then you can travel from up above to down below the Netherlands, as long as it’s still on the same day. And we were somehow trapped by this advertisement. So, first we went to Schiphol, friend’s departure, then continued to Amsterdam centraal. We spent some time in Amsterdam centrum, ate Chinese food, and strolled along the canal bank. When we arrived back at the station, it was at 4 o’clock, then we decided to go somewhere (while looking at the train schedule), a place which we’ve never heard before. It turned out to be Amersfoort! And yeah, we were kind of having fun there though only for 3 hours. It was Amsterdam’s miniature with so many small canals, bridges, old buildings, even ports, cathedrals, and so fort. Moreover, it’s also a fortified city (like the one I visited couple of weeks ago, ‘S-Hertogenbosch). If you hate tourists, then go here instead of Amsterdam. It helps a lot to get the most out of The Netherlands’ paysage without complaining about huge number of tourists in Amsterdam. I mean, please bear in mind that you are also tourist, anyway.