What to bring abroad?

Early in the morning and there is something that pops up in my mind. I’m gonna tell you some stuffs you should probably add to your list before you go abroad. This applies for Indonesian (or Asian) people mostly.

1. Minyak kayu putih, kampak, fresh, or you name it.
2. Seasoning, especially when you plan to go to country less inhabitated by Indonesian people. Cause you’ll hardly find asian herbes then.
3. Your favorite shampoo. It is true that here you’re gonna find lots of kinds of shampoos indeed, but just in case you have sensitive hair that requires special treatment, then you should bring some from your home country. Since there will be different in terms of hair types, weather, water, and so forth, normally shampoo’s ingredients will vary from one country to another. (I have problem with my hair every time I go abroad, that’s why I’m a bit insisting on this matter)
4. Indonesian food. You can bring abon, rendang kering, orek tempe, teri, etc. that will help you to survive the first 3 months. At least you can bring some packs of Indomie. Who knows.

I think that’s all for today. I’ll get you noticed if I have something to add. Or maybe you have your own exoerience to share? Feel free!


Pre departure briefing for Indonesian students going to France

On 27th June 2013, I was invited to come and join at Pre Departure Briefing for Indonesian Student going to France, as an alumnae. It was an annual event held by Campus France to ensure the students about everything they probably need to know about France.

Last year, I sat down there too, listened to the speakers who were talking about the themes they’ve chosen to explore. It was useful, especially for us who didn’t know anything about how things work in France. And of course, you do need to know about it.

Well, after having come back again to my beloved country. I had the opportunity to attend this event and I was no longer the participant, buuutt I’ve become the alumnae. That was great.

We were four at that time, two friends from Sahid, one from ITB and me. The three of us, including me stayed in the same city, Angers. And one another stayed in Limoge in the South. At that occasion, we shared our experiences while living in France, the bad things and the good ones.

And it was my turn. I was truly a bit nervous, yes I am not fantastic at public speaking. But after having been a teacher for 6 months in Balikpapan. I gained my self confidence and yeah, it’s getting better from time to time. 🙂 Then, I tried to give some icebreaker and it worked. I was glad. I should say upfront, the hardest part was always the first sentence to come up. The rest, that was not big deal. So, the important thing is to catch audiences’ attention by giving A GREAT OPENING. It would help us a lot!

It went out very well, they gave me some applauses and laughters within my speech. I was super content!

The day after,

I was attending my brother’s event, he participates in the Abang None competition, and last night was the “Malam Keakraban”. It was held at EX Atrium Plaza Jakarta started from 8 pm. I was at the toilets, when suddenly someone called me “mademoiselle?”. I glanced at her, and said, “hai?” She replied, “yeah I remembered you from the Pre Departure Event couple of days before, from the four people, I recognized you better than the others.” Of course, I was flattered by words she have said to me. Then we exchanged phone number.

The day after, which is today,

I went to campus, at FISIP, I was talking with some supporters for tomorrow’s event for the Abnon Finale, when a woman came and sat down just in front of us. Well, I knew her, she sat down in the first line at seminar. But then I chosed to pretend not to know her because I wasn’t so sure. Then, finally, before I have headed to my car, I encouraged myself to greet her, and yeah, she recognized me! She said, “I was about to greet you, but I wasn’t pretty sure if it were you”. “Same here” she replied,”I remembered yoi, because among the others you gave a clear presentation, and it was interesting. Can I have your number?”.

Well, that was my story. I was so happy being recognized by the people who listened to my speech. It means that I could do a good public speaking. 🙂