What a coincidence!

[studying] Instagram meet Annisa, Annisa meet Instagram. So the coincidence does happen. If you ever read about my story when I met a Dutch girl named Lianne at Starbucks Coffee in Balikpapan then we talked and reached a point where we realized that we’re going to the same university in the Netherlands, subsequently we became friend and she stayed in my house, and we went to Bangka Island, and we traveled around Jakarta, and we are friends. In a way, this girl is a mixed-race Indonesian-Dutch, Annisa. Well on my first day, she came over me and said, “Hai Abel, saya Annisa, saya teman kerjanya Lianne.” The story was, at her workplace Lianne told Annisa that she’s just come back from her trip to Asia including Indonesia, that she met an Indonesian girl and stayed at hers.

Some couple of days afterwards, the list of student of Master’s program was distributed and Annisa saw an Indonesian name on it. She then searched my name on Facebook and found that Lianne is our mutual friend. So she said to Lianne, “hey your Indonesian friend you once told me will be in my class we’re in the same master’s program.” And we both three were excited because of this friend circle. 🙂

In a whole, I believe that everything in the world is connected to each other, what we need to do is to find its clues and realize the God’s winks.

This photo was taken last night, it was an honour for to be invited for dinner at her house in Arnhem, a 1-hour-by-train town from Tilburg. 🙂