Expat Center in Tilburg

[chilling] too bad I didn’t take any pictures on this occasion. So I just put the poster instead. 😉 this was an event organized by Expat Center in Tilburg. At first, I was hesitated to come cause I just didn’t feel like going to party on weekend.

So, I went there with a friend of mine, a Chinese girl. We got two free drinks (which were great! We even could ask for more and more drinks and anything. Course since I don’t drink any alc I then ordered big fresh orange juice and hot Chocomel. I know it was strange. But I don’t care.)

I talked a lot to ‘strangers’, was chilling around and met new friends from all over the world (this is exaggerating), well, from India, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom (they do British accent but want to get rid off that super cooooollllll accent. I was like, “what?”), and last but not least, from France!

I was beyond happy to figure out that these guys spoke English Frenchly, their stress words at the end of sentence, their way pronouncing “h” (The French will definetely couldn’t pronounce the “he” as [hi] but [i], and so forth) just couldn’t help them hide as the almighty heirs of French native speaker. (Take a bow). We then spent the rest of our time there “parler français”.

It’s good, you know, to be able to speak in the language you’ve ever mastered before. And It was relieving, I didn’t know why but, when I talk in French, I feel home, safe and sound.