New Year’s Eve in Tilburg

[Tilburg] #throwbacksaturday After having a lot of considerations, we decided then to stay “cool” on New Year’s eve 2014 while celebrating the night in our beloved city, Tilburg. At 10:30 pm I went to my friend’s room (one of these guys’ room) to at least be with someone on the 5 seconds count down moment. So watching movie it was. Around 5 minutes before midnight, we were kind of desperate assuming that we were going to sip our cup of tea, and let the moment go, just like that. But wait, not that lame guys! At 00.00 we started to hear some “jeger” sounds everywhere around our apartments. Then we went outside, and it was fireworks from every corner of the city. 5 minutes. Excited, wow, Happy New Year! Camera on, video on. Path, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, updated! 10 minutes. It took quite long time. Nice view, right? Look! Overthere! 15 minutes. Good. How much money did they spend to buy them? 20 minutes. It was cold. 30 minutes. Kept still? 45 minutes. Let’s get inside guys. 50 minutes. No one was still outside. Happy New Year, anyway.





Visit in return to Nijmegen

[Nijmegen] it’s been awhile since my last post, then I’m sure that you could conclude what I was actually doing last couple of days. 😉 So, yesterday I went to the oldest city in the Netherlands, named Nijmegen [Neimekhren] or Nimègue in French. You know, the French people like to give “identity” to every little detail in the world at least to show their power relation, in this case, in language (since a name is part of identity as well). Let’s move! I went here to visit a friend of mine, the girl I met in Balikpapan, etc etc, I’ve mentioned this girl, I think, several times. So I assume that you know her quite well now. 😉 she lives in the same city with her mother and her boyfriend, but each of them has their own apartment. That’s a bit strange when “you’ve been in relationship with someone for more than 1 year and still you live separately, in 3 minutes walking distance.” That’s what I learned both in France or here in the Netherlands. But she does, she enjoys her life as an independent coupled up girl. That’s pretty cool. Then we walked around the city center and ended up having dinner at her mother’s apartment. One thing to be highlighted here is, I found this city quite similar to Geneva (Genève, Switzerland) where you can walk along the river bank with night cruise, floating restaurants, beautiful bridge on the one side and casino, high-end restaurants, hotels on the other side. Worth visiting especially in the summertime! Let’s do! 🙂





Expat Center in Tilburg

[chilling] too bad I didn’t take any pictures on this occasion. So I just put the poster instead. 😉 this was an event organized by Expat Center in Tilburg. At first, I was hesitated to come cause I just didn’t feel like going to party on weekend.

So, I went there with a friend of mine, a Chinese girl. We got two free drinks (which were great! We even could ask for more and more drinks and anything. Course since I don’t drink any alc I then ordered big fresh orange juice and hot Chocomel. I know it was strange. But I don’t care.)

I talked a lot to ‘strangers’, was chilling around and met new friends from all over the world (this is exaggerating), well, from India, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom (they do British accent but want to get rid off that super cooooollllll accent. I was like, “what?”), and last but not least, from France!

I was beyond happy to figure out that these guys spoke English Frenchly, their stress words at the end of sentence, their way pronouncing “h” (The French will definetely couldn’t pronounce the “he” as [hi] but [i], and so forth) just couldn’t help them hide as the almighty heirs of French native speaker. (Take a bow). We then spent the rest of our time there “parler français”.

It’s good, you know, to be able to speak in the language you’ve ever mastered before. And It was relieving, I didn’t know why but, when I talk in French, I feel home, safe and sound.



[studying] just borrowed a book from campus library titled Speaking of Sadness. I was dragged to pick this book over the others, simply because it fitted with the lack of sunshine lately in my town. Which, however has forced me to feel a lesser degree of happiness that it gradually turns down, or off. Reading about sadness, depression, disconnection, and “weak heart” on these gloomy days is such a good companion. Hello Autumn.

I first realized the link between gloomy weather and self depression when I was doing my internship on the North part of France, called Normandy (la Normandie). I stayed there for 4 months which were quite long. There, I experienced that life was in constant need of hope. Yes, every morning when you opened your window, a little hope raised in your mind, “will there be sunshine today?”. The thing was that, it was just rare. You seemed to never see the sun’s coming, saying hello, or anything. It was just dark, cloudy, windy, and cold.

That situation would lead us to feel depression deeply. We would set up our face in a depress look, cold attitude, and less talkative. However, actually deep inside everybody who was living there needed to a little warm hug.


14th September 2013.



The Devil reads Derrida!

[studying] this is my first time visiting campus library, quite big, but compared to the ones UI has, incomparable lah. *snobbing* never mind. Then I went to some Dewey’s classification that I could remember, 400 for languages, 800-900 for litterature, I was hoping that I would find some interesting novels to read. But finally I couldn’t find anything, except some Murakami’s works, Classic Litteratures, and so forth. I was a bit disappointed when finally my eyes were stopped by a red tempting book titled as you can read on the photo. Well I, I am, I do some advanced level of sarcasm, meanwhile I love Derrida’s way of thinking, which is so close to sarcasm. And yeah. So I kind of have reason to put this book as one of my manual of life. Accompany me accomplishing this book, maybe you, the pouring rain outside?


My backpack!

[studying] buying a backpack somehow means that you have intention, at least, to be serious at school. Cause you could buy a Longchamp pliage with the exact amount of money rather than this bag. fyuh. Keep in mind thay you’re here for studying, not goofying around with your coat and boots!


Autum in Holland

[traveling] Today I probably have talked a lot about Autumn’s coming. Yeah that’s true. Grown up in tropical country with, “gile dingin banget ACnya! Berapa derajat sih? 16. Oh pantesan! Gedein donk!” sort of sentences. I feel like, well okay Holland, now you introduce me with your “real” weather. Yesterday was quite warm with 28C at max, and todayyyy it’s around 11-9C and still counting down. Please do tell me, what do you expect me to react? Complaining? Well I did. Seen on this picture, I was on my way going back home after having bought a bike, I then decided to stop at a café and ended up with this giant “pizza”. It was at noon, and my friend and I was like “(talk dirty) (talk dirty) syiet I freeze! Let’s eat! Dem too big! Well I’m beyond hungry. Eat it up. Take picture. Yeah. Take picture!” We then devoured it instead.