New Year’s Eve in Tilburg

[Tilburg] #throwbacksaturday After having a lot of considerations, we decided then to stay “cool” on New Year’s eve 2014 while celebrating the night in our beloved city, Tilburg. At 10:30 pm I went to my friend’s room (one of these guys’ room) to at least be with someone on the 5 seconds count down moment. So watching movie it was. Around 5 minutes before midnight, we were kind of desperate assuming that we were going to sip our cup of tea, and let the moment go, just like that. But wait, not that lame guys! At 00.00 we started to hear some “jeger” sounds everywhere around our apartments. Then we went outside, and it was fireworks from every corner of the city. 5 minutes. Excited, wow, Happy New Year! Camera on, video on. Path, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, updated! 10 minutes. It took quite long time. Nice view, right? Look! Overthere! 15 minutes. Good. How much money did they spend to buy them? 20 minutes. It was cold. 30 minutes. Kept still? 45 minutes. Let’s get inside guys. 50 minutes. No one was still outside. Happy New Year, anyway.





Back to the capital!

[Amsterdam] Hi Instagram! Who’s down to explore the capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands? (Holland, your official name, why so long?) Up to the Northern part of the Netherlands, it was the first city that had painted perfectly what “the Netherlands” image was supposed to be (to me). The buildings, architecture, the weather, canals, street, no, not the language. You’ll hardly hear Dutch on the street, cause these “bsjdbdbjxjnelwkejnwn” “oui c’est trop beau!” “Ich weiss nicht” “that’s pretty expensive” “como esta?” “Bonita!!” “Como se chama?” “Zhsjebdbndnfnf” “zhi shi… Wo yao..” are in the air, run in your blood, and get you crazy enough with the crowd. But this view is relaxing, isn’t it? Tea please, the Rooibos I prefer..