Obsolete? Not really

[traveling] in April 2013 I had the chance to costless visit Bangka Island. Yes, you are right, it’s Bangka, not Belitung. I do realize that Belitung, as you said, is way more beautiful and stuff and stuff. But for a free pass and free accommodation and free tour guide and free meals and free nanana and nanana, and that is Bangka which was offered to you. Then what would you say? May be no? Or of course yes? 🙂 let’s be straightforward everyone, question. Now that these things are obsolete. Please do tell me, what purpose do they serve besides Instagram? I mean, really, what do they serve? (I was standing and taking picture from a new metal beton harbor)



[traveling] Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung Province


[traveling] I had the chance to costless visit Bangka Island. This island is located on the East side of Sumatra island. Formerly part of South Sumatra Province, now along with its neighboor island, Belitung island, it has become an independent province. Anyway, do you see the small black boats on the photo? Yes, despite this pittoresque landscape made by their appearence. Those boats endangered the sustainable life of this beautiful beach. They are tin illegal miners who destroyed the land by digging the coastline layer everywhere. In 10 years ahead, I’m doubting that its beauty could still be admired.