[Barcelona] everyone has convinced me to “Visit Barcelona! It’s fun! It’s an awesome city! It’s party all night! It’s cool! Great beaches!” and few of them at least have mentioned “it’s a romantic city.” and the truth that actually it’s a very artistic city where you see yourself painting falling leaves in not-cubism-not-surrealism-not even-realism-whatever it is you name it- way but in your own -ism. Of course it’s pointless to mention how terrific are Gaudi’s artworks trimming every corner of this city, how this city looks like dressing up their houses in such a “Dear Majesty, we are honored and ready to come to your dancing party.” *taking a bow, bending your knees elegantly in consent submissive courtesy*, manner. Yet, what I need to highlight is that if you think that the phrase “been there, done that” fits enough to fly you here. Sorry Sir, we’re more than an one-day tour city. #laventuregrams



Go travel!

[Amsterdam] kind of missing the feeling of not knowing what will happen afterwards. You might have to stay all night at an airpot, train station, bus station, or elsewhere with a roof on it. The thing is that, you eventually will never be alone, there will always be someone or some people who are gonna pity you as a complete stranger. Traveling pr backpacking alone will grow your faith on yourself and on others, how you see life’s dancing without fearing anything because you’ve been through and against the toughest feeling everyone is avoiding, loneliness, out of their comfort zone, and getting lost in a complete strange place where every bad thing will have their own reasons to just happen. Yet above all, this picture says obviously how she is struggling in taking selfies. A Tongsing might be of a very useful tool for her, ya? #laventuregrams


Build my own castle

For years I have been dreaming of owning hotel chains all over the world. I would be glad to start this job-based-on-interest by constructing a backpacker hostel. Yeah, it’s true that I am passionate with travel, and of course I have been backpacker and visited some countries especially in Europe. For me, traveling has given me new glasses to see the world in different way, better way, and broader way. If you haven’t yet experienced some, go grab some tickets and travel!

Well, I know working in this travel domain nowadays is not a piece of cake. It requires us lots of work and patience. I started to create a new Twitter account named @ID_backpacker almost a year ago, and I have 208 followers till today. It is not much. You know that persuading someone to believe or trust in what we are trying to offer is hard.

From now on, I will agressively promote and develop my @ID_backpacker as much as I could. This is important especially when later on I aim to drag international tourist to come to my Backpacker hostel!

Finger crossed!

[traveling] Hungary!


[traveling] my another travelogue published on a (digital) newspaper. This one was told about my trip to Hungary. I visited the capital of this country which is known as Paris from the East. Also, I had the chance to visit one another big city of this country, called Szeged. It’s a typical student city where its core is Szeged University. In a whole, I like everything about this country, especially, the people. They are so kind, helpful, smiley, and welcome!

Anyway, this article eagers me somehow to later on write a book of my own. πŸ™‚ well, we’ll see in couple months ahead.9

[traveling] at Cornavin Railway Station, the story had begun.


[traveling] this had been an off-the-record story behind my Switzerland trip in April last year. And I’ll decipher the secret now. πŸ™‚ it was in a beautiful springtime, and Geneva was in a good weather, neither so cold nor so hot. So perfect! I travelled with a friend of mine named Karita. We had planned this long trip months before, picked some common tourist destinations and for sure the most affordable price we could possibly have (spend the less, gain the max). As backpackers we only had small amounts of money. Hehe, we decided to take some risks by spending one out of two nights in Geneva outside. Yes, outside, litteral meaning. We had dinner at 8pm, stayed at the same restaurant to kill the time until 9:30 pm. We moved to the harbor, we walked, we talked, we joked, we laughed, we thought, we took lots of photos, we surfed on the Internet, we danced, we played some hip hop songs, deep inside we were scared within. At 11:30 pm we headed to the central station. Went to a train platform waiting room, our ultimate wish was that we wouldn’t be casted out by police officers. People were back and forth leaving us alone still at the platform. Then, at 1 am in the morning, we knew this would happen. 3 police officers woke us up, gently. They probably felt sorry for us. Haha. We were asked to get out of the train station! (I’m exaggerating) but yes, they showed us the way out and told us, “you can come back at 5 am”. So we were out, just two of us, almost 1:30 am, and in this too early in the morning, the temperature was soooo friendly, around 4 or 5 degree Celcius. We walked through the main street until it poured rain hardly. Such a best companion. So we went back to the gate, and begged to the police officers to stay inside, anywhere, we were raisoning that it was dangerous to stay outside especially we are females. “They reply, it’s safe, it’s Geneva!”. But finally they let us in! πŸ™‚ we spent the rest of that morning at the underground train station. Left aside the cold air, we slept until 5:30 am. Well, this one too, you know that traveling will not be like a piece of cake. And here I was having my breakfast at McD.. πŸ™‚

[traveling] at Bruxelles airport


I was waiting for my next flight heading to Budapest. I stayed for couple of hour at Bruxelles airport. It was such a common modern nice proper huge noisy I-don-t-like-it kind of airport. I was stuck at the moment because there were no electronic sockets which, forced me to turn off forever my Blackberry, couldn’t update anything, nothing to do. Cause it was 7 am in the morning, plus after having slept at Milan airport the night before. Had to catch the first flight from Milan to Bruxelles at 5:30 am. Then you know, feeling sleepy was the most permittable thing you could ever ask. I bumped into these look-so-comfortable arm chairs? Waited there literally did nothing. There, it was the time when I realized, life as a traveller wasn’t “that” awesome for a reason.