New Year’s Eve in Tilburg

[Tilburg] #throwbacksaturday After having a lot of considerations, we decided then to stay “cool” on New Year’s eve 2014 while celebrating the night in our beloved city, Tilburg. At 10:30 pm I went to my friend’s room (one of these guys’ room) to at least be with someone on the 5 seconds count down moment. So watching movie it was. Around 5 minutes before midnight, we were kind of desperate assuming that we were going to sip our cup of tea, and let the moment go, just like that. But wait, not that lame guys! At 00.00 we started to hear some “jeger” sounds everywhere around our apartments. Then we went outside, and it was fireworks from every corner of the city. 5 minutes. Excited, wow, Happy New Year! Camera on, video on. Path, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, updated! 10 minutes. It took quite long time. Nice view, right? Look! Overthere! 15 minutes. Good. How much money did they spend to buy them? 20 minutes. It was cold. 30 minutes. Kept still? 45 minutes. Let’s get inside guys. 50 minutes. No one was still outside. Happy New Year, anyway.





Learning Dutch!

[Tilburg] welkom feestdagen! Since the first day of holiday, I’ve forced myself to learn Dutch. And within 3 days (or so) I’m somehow surprised with what I’ve got so far! First, you know Dutch pronunciation the ‘g’ like in “goede morgen” quite similar to French “r”, basically it’s pronounced [krhude morkhen]. Thanks to having learned French for 5 years, this kind of sht is familiar to me. 🙂 second, recently I saw a quote which stated “Life is too short to learn German” oh God, that is true! But if you have the chance to learn it, do it! Of course at first you’re gonna see yourself beating your head against the wall, but just when you’ll finally get the logic of this language. I promise you, other Germanic languages will seem as a delighful piece of your birthday cake! I’m glad that I’ve learned it for 2 years in high school. Then, here is I’m retaining back my German vocabulary by learning Dutch. Vice-versa. Here is I’m learning Dutch by retaining back my German vocabulary. Studeer ze! 🙂


Eindhoven and internship interview

[Eindhoven] three days ago I posted my interview invitation on Instagram. I feel, therefore, obliged to tell you all, how it went. So basically it’s a multinational recruitment consultant based in the Netherlands where I’m applying for a stagiare to French market consultant. The job description, to me, matches so well with what I really need as my initial experience in this field of work. They deal with international employees, cultural diversity conflict management and training, and so forth. So, the interviewer and I ended up in almost a good deal. But, just when we started talking about the formalities. I suddenly hated my nationality. No offense, it’s just like that. I sometimes really want to have a double nationality or something. Being Indonesian sometimes, in some cases, is not so favorable. Anyway, the decision will be announced in January. This is a photo taken in the middle of Christmas sale, when everybody was rushing to get from one store to another. I stopped by, and enjoyed this ironical spectacle. Maybe he just needs some food when you (think you) need another Coach item, Bel.






My first exam!

[Tilburg Uni] As a Graduate student in humanities, I know that some will question what I actually do and study for my exams. Well, it is true that we don’t deal with econometrics, figures, formulas, maths, statistics and stuffs. However, that doesn’t make it seems easier to deal with. No! The exam will consist of 4 questions, each question will have 4 sub-questions, which simply means there will be 16 questions of 2-paragraph-minimum-argumentative answers. As the basis of the exam, we are obliged to be really familiar with 11 scientific articles in which there are more than 30 concepts in total. Memorizing 30 concepts is still due-able, but relating and opposing each of them in a specific case of study during the exam is…… another thing.


Saariselkä? It’s Tilburg!

[Tilburg] one fine MORNING in Tilburg. Have you ever heard about Aurora Borelis or also commonly known as The Northern Lights? If you thought it was green, then NO, another one. I woke up yesterday at 8 and the sky was still sleepy, so to speak. Since my bed is just next to the window, so this was the first thing that spoiled my eyes. By then, I simply believe that the Netherlands has moved a bit………… to North pole. So, Saariselkä, does it mean you are seducing me to visit you?



What to bring abroad?

Early in the morning and there is something that pops up in my mind. I’m gonna tell you some stuffs you should probably add to your list before you go abroad. This applies for Indonesian (or Asian) people mostly.

1. Minyak kayu putih, kampak, fresh, or you name it.
2. Seasoning, especially when you plan to go to country less inhabitated by Indonesian people. Cause you’ll hardly find asian herbes then.
3. Your favorite shampoo. It is true that here you’re gonna find lots of kinds of shampoos indeed, but just in case you have sensitive hair that requires special treatment, then you should bring some from your home country. Since there will be different in terms of hair types, weather, water, and so forth, normally shampoo’s ingredients will vary from one country to another. (I have problem with my hair every time I go abroad, that’s why I’m a bit insisting on this matter)
4. Indonesian food. You can bring abon, rendang kering, orek tempe, teri, etc. that will help you to survive the first 3 months. At least you can bring some packs of Indomie. Who knows.

I think that’s all for today. I’ll get you noticed if I have something to add. Or maybe you have your own exoerience to share? Feel free!

Expat Center in Tilburg

[chilling] too bad I didn’t take any pictures on this occasion. So I just put the poster instead. 😉 this was an event organized by Expat Center in Tilburg. At first, I was hesitated to come cause I just didn’t feel like going to party on weekend.

So, I went there with a friend of mine, a Chinese girl. We got two free drinks (which were great! We even could ask for more and more drinks and anything. Course since I don’t drink any alc I then ordered big fresh orange juice and hot Chocomel. I know it was strange. But I don’t care.)

I talked a lot to ‘strangers’, was chilling around and met new friends from all over the world (this is exaggerating), well, from India, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom (they do British accent but want to get rid off that super cooooollllll accent. I was like, “what?”), and last but not least, from France!

I was beyond happy to figure out that these guys spoke English Frenchly, their stress words at the end of sentence, their way pronouncing “h” (The French will definetely couldn’t pronounce the “he” as [hi] but [i], and so forth) just couldn’t help them hide as the almighty heirs of French native speaker. (Take a bow). We then spent the rest of our time there “parler français”.

It’s good, you know, to be able to speak in the language you’ve ever mastered before. And It was relieving, I didn’t know why but, when I talk in French, I feel home, safe and sound.