Bandung – gunting pita.

[Unpad, Bandung – Jatinangor] when I first got the email from the organizer, I was so excited. “At last, Bandung is calling me.” I know it might sound weird and trigger many investigative, if curious is not enough to define the word, questions of “how could you’ve lived in Jakarta for 10 years and Bandung never crossed your mind. Ngana sehat?” Well, it did, or course. Some of my close friends are actually living there, some of my university friends sometimes spent their weekend there, talked about it, tried to drag me to visit the city, and so on. But I was not sure why it kept me that long to finally decide to visit Bandung. I guess it might be that it’s like the crispy skin of my KFC chicken, or the cherry to my piece of cake, or the rempeyek kacang kedelai to my pecel Madiun, I mean, my save-the-best-for-the-last city (to visit). When I got there, the first question that came to my mind was “where have you been Bel, all this time? Seriously.” Like, seriously. Door slammed. .


I found Bandung, or Braga area with its cafés, friendly atmosphere, are just so Tilburg van Java, sorry, Parijs.


And ultimately, I was so grateful to meet and work with these amazing people. They worked hard to ensure that all my needs were well met. Their hospitality, enthusiasm, and motivation were just amazing. And this successful event wouldn’t be possible without the very professional work of @santoprakoso as the moderator, one of the best, so far. I’m sure one day I will see him succeed and accomplish all his dreams. His stories did inspire me and others a lot. So proud to know him and the rest of the organizing committee @sn_silmirizkiya etc. thank you, thank you so much. ❤️


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