“…., remember why you started.”

[Antwerp, Belgium; 2017] some quotes I learned both from the participants and the lecturers during this summer school:. “Coffee did help me pull through the PhD” Post-doc.

. “I finished writing my PhD dissertation in 2 months only. It was because my flat got flooded just 2 months before the deadline. Some people perform their best under pressure” Prof.

.”The first time I submitted my paper to a journal, I got minor revision, I thought I was so lucky, but just after that I started to get rejected over and over again.” Prof. .

.”I went to Paris for three months, I don’t speak French, and I hate the people, I have no friends there, so it helped me focus on writing my dissertation, cause I got less distractions.” Post-doc

.”start writing with something you know very well. Don’t edit.”



One thing I always keep in mind, “during setbacks, remember why you started.”


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