Consultant for hotel development

Apparently someone truly paid attention when I said “one of my biggest dreams is to run (my own) a hotel.” 🌷.


Landing a job as consultant for hotel/hostel development for the first time. .



I previously worked in two different hotels, in Indonesia and France. Although it was for a very short period of time, but I did (somehow) enjoy it. Maybe it was because I am a keen observer, that I love to know how things work, how people do what they do and what people think they do when they do what they do, so yes during those two short periods I did earn a handful of knowledge on the hotel management system and some bitter experiences along the way, of course. .



Subsequently, I love to stay over in hotels or hostels in various cities or countries just to understand their uniqueness, and the meanings behind every little detail of its decoration or simply why this wooden table is paired with these colorful chairs? Or why the lobby is on the second floor? .



And yesterday’s visit marked the first time for me to make use of my knowledge as Bachelor of Art in Tourism Management in a more professional way, incorporating past trends to current tourist’s preferences. Are people still fond with taking selfies in front of tall buildings, statues, monuments or anything grandiose anymore? Or do they prefer to have a flat façade, parallel, close to them yet attractive backgrounds, instead? Why the sense of closeness to certain objects, the importance of touching, is crucial when it comes to attract people nowadays?


See how messy my life is, my dissertation is on conflict society but my interest is pretty much on everything else but my research topic. I know. 🙆 this long caption is meant to show you that, you can be whatever you want to be, simply by maintaining your interests and staying curious. ❤️


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