The job you know it exists but simply never really thought about.

Happy birthday to my Sagittarian sister ketemu gedhe @agliestagaluh ! Instagram, meet Galuh. She is one of the most big-hearted persons I’ve ever met..

It all started when she came to the NL and stayed at my place for a couple of days, we went to Bruges and had to stay over in Antwerp, just because we were so ignorant about our train schedule. It was quite an adventure though.


A few months later I visited her in Berlin, and stayed for 10 days! She introduced me to all of her friends and showed me corners of Berlin, everything, except what she was exactly doing as a job there. Everytime I casually asked her about her job. I never had any impression of her complaining, hating it, or having any negative thoughts about it. I might be wrong. I got the impression that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell what her job was or being ashamed with it, but she was sorting out the most digestible information for me.


And it was only on my last day in Berlin that I seriously asked her, what her job really was. Then she explained to me everything. She worked as a volunteer at a nursing home for mentally & physically disabled persons. She told me that it was all hard at first, she cried all night for the first days of her work. She didn’t know about the job she’d be doing, only after she arrived in Germany, that she did know about it. So I decided to spend my last day in Berlin to visit her workplace, was grateful that I was allowed to. It is a private nursing home (looks like an ordinary 3-bedroom apartment), with only three patients (two female & one male) having disabilities.


After greeting all the caretakers & the patients, I was invited to have dinner with them, all of them. That was a quite experience for me, being on the same table with people who could barely hold their spoon properly & other stuffs & other stuffs, etc. I am just not so fond to describe what it felt to me that time, it was all new to me. That world that I never really thought about, now seems so alive and kicking. In short, her job is supporting the life of these people, in all possible ways u could imagine, from when they wake up until their bedtime. .

Big & brave heart! Have a blast Luh! 🌷


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