First Dutch lessons! 

[Tilburg, 2016] So today I had my first tandem Dutch class with Ms Dini, one of my neighbors. As I have mentioned somewhere in my earlier image caption, I love Dutch as a language because it is a (sort of) combination of two languages that I have (struggled to) learned for years, German and French. By knowing French pronunciation, it helps me get the [khrei] sound of /g/ letter, while my German baggage endorses the whole package of Dutch grammar understanding. So today’s lesson was how to take public transportation, then we strolled around the city, kijken kijken niet kopen, went to public library, and had small lunch. I had een pannekoeken met appel for lunch. I’ll post some videos on my Dutch lessons later on. 😂🙈 goede middag allemaal! 🌷

I learned about the use of “aan”, some useful phrases for taking public transportation, and how to be a member at Tilburg Public Library. I basically know some basic Dutch grammar, but sometimes I was not sure about myself when I spoke in Dutch, so most of the time, I preferred to use English. Lol


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