Learning to craft

[Tilburg, 2016] In 2010 I read one of @paulocoelho ‘s books entitled “The Witch of Portobello” about a Gypsy dancer who struggled to slow down her life pace. Or basically to slow down every move in her life. She found it hard, super difficult, almost impossible, until she learned how to write calligraphy, mastering a faction of space between beautiful letters. That space is needed. That pause is mandatory. That among beautiful letters, it means nothing without a space as Dee also mentioned in her short story titled “Spasi”. And I lately need that remedy, too. Instead of learning how to write calligraphy, I found crafting as a sort of sanctuary to slow myself down, to learn that beautiful things take time, that rushing the process will dissappoint me at the end, that patience is hard to implement. I got used to work fast, now, fast, now, faster, right now, right now, if I want to do something I’m doing it now, tomorrow is a long time. This is how I heal myself with the fact that PhD will take up 4 years, not 6 months, that I need to craft my manuscript little by little, enjoy the process, and accept the reality. 😅 anyway, Happy Birthday to you, @tishahahaha ! I did my best to collect all things you like the most and or you need on a daily basis! Hope you’ll like it ma belle! :*


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