Bruges, Venezia of the North

[Bruges/Brugge, BE] (used to be) locally applauded for its resemblance to Venezia, is then called as Venezia of the North (along with Leiden, at some point, and Giethoorn, and.. See how banal is Venezia?).. Let’s be clear here, I am pretty much “okay” with Venezia, not that I /don’t/ like it, it’s just, it’s, that’s it.. @karitamoulia knew exactly how I was being so cynical about the beauty of every corner of Venezia.. (I owe you a proper and peaceful visit there Kars 😂).. And trying to be as objective as I can, Bruges somehow is, you know, interesting.. Not that it is a so-so place to visit, it /is/ beautiful, it’s /got/ magnificent (typical-belgian) architecture, it /is/ old-with a full of historical account.. Don’t get me wrong, strolling round there was a real treat.. So, please keep Bruges on your travel list.. 🙂 but, to adore a place, it took (me) a lot more than just its beauty attractions, I need to feel connected, to see myself living there, to find some reasonably or pretty savvy thinking upon signing my contract lease (except the one here in Tilburg, which I was forced to do that) for example.. And that, that was something I didn’t find in Bruges, nor in Venezia.. #laventuregrams  



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