#ThisisfkingJakarta where people live in lethal situation on a daily basis, already. Small thought on the recent terrorist attack in Jakarta. For my fellow Jakarta people, this shall too pass! We call our city as “the big Durian”, where suffer, struggle, fear, terror, welcomed us during our first encounter, then are continously testing us for the rest of our journey in it. Some people said, Jakarta is too hard-won to conquer, and through natural selection, Jakarta only keeps those who are ready to live in a daily prone to death situation. Terrorist attacks are surely terrifying and horrible, but we dealed with a sudden Metromini causing 19 passangers dead; we used to see people sitting on KRL train roof risking their lives to get to work with obviously many of them got deadly electric shot; murder, rape, robbery cases on news every single day; we struggle with macet/heavy traffic congestion; we hit each other in the train during peak hours; yet you know, we managed to live in those horrible circumstances. It is rather surviving in Jakarta, than living in it. Stay safe, and stay being “fearless Jakarta people”! #thisisfkingjakarta



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