Hometown glory- Ambarawa

[Ambarawa, 2015] It was all started when my boss asked me, “your hometown is close to Jogjakarta, right?”. Then she insisted me to attend a 2-hour meeting in Jogja so that I can extend my trip for another two days in Salatiga. A short weekend gateway it was. And this photo is a reflection of what I have mentioned on my previous post about the “secondhand rediscovery”. I used to live in Ambarawa when I was in junior high school, yet my school was in Salatiga, it took a good 30 minutes ride from home, around 20 Km of mountainous traject. And this lanscape has never attracted my attention. And after my visual bagage has been filled in with the remembrance of all the cities that I’ve visited for the last 5 years, that day, I rediscovered the same lanscape but this time with a deeper understanding of its visual and cultural intertextuality. When I saw it the other day, it was like a huge living realist painting with all its details and brightly vivid colors. #hometownglory #laventuregrams




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