Fashion sense

[Angers, FR; 2011-2012] I have been thinking about this issue since my first visit to Amsterdam in 2012, and during my stay in the Netherlands 2 years afterwards, I became really concerned about it. Latest article I read on the Internet this morning, “the 7 levels of Dutch fashion hell”. I have no words left, but totally down for it, totally. As I’ve previously experienced living in the world’s fashion capital, France, I kind of found my way edging its sense. However, living in the Netherlands dragged my fashion sense back to zero, as the Dutch are too obsessed with dressing to be comfortable. This got me thinking since the weather in the NL is of joy and warmth, I’m totally being sarcastic here, why don’t they just leave house wrapped in a duvet, with a pillow tied to their heads and be done with it? #laventuregrams to be continued


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