Revisited Berlin through the eyes of a realist author

[Berlin; September 2014] lately there is this particular term that sticks in my mind, “second-hand rediscovery”. It’s actually ‘a feeling that you get when you show someone the things and places you love, but for them it’s the first time’. A place that is so familiar for you, that you have seen for thousand times, but through their eyes, you see this familiarity in a distanced gaze, that you re-discover it for yourself all over again. If I may add, in a complete nouveau perspective. It does work the same way as an ethnographer who tries to make unfamiliar things familiar, yet reversely. I saw Berlin for the first time as an ordinary capital city, with all its flaws and awesomeness. And that was it. A month later, a friend of mine recommended me a realist novel, entitled “The Moment”, and it tells a whole account of every little detail of Berlin city. By reading these 650-page book, I found myself feeling the second-hand rediscovery. I re-visited Berlin, retaining memories back there, rediscovering the city through the eyes of the author. I almost discover it better, in the amused eyes of the author, I live both the amazement of something new during my Berlin visit, and the intimacy of something known and beloved from the novel, all at once. #laventuregrams


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