Tilly’s fact

[Tilburg, NL; 2013-2014] first of all, there is nothing special about this city. Yet, what is special as a term anyway, sometimes it only refers to what is going on between your intertextuality, imagination, expectation, those three against the reality. In a way, I got used to prepare myself for a short speech template anytime anyone ever asked me “Tilburg? Where is it?” “ohhh Tilburg (with an understandable unsure expression)”.. Then I’d normally reply it with “it’s located near the frontline between NL and Belgium, got it? Yes in the southern part. No, it’s not Eindhoven. Utrecht is other thing. Not that close, but well, let’s say so.” The 6th most populated city in the Netherlands, with circa 260.000 inhabitats. Yes. That’s the correct figures. Compared to Jakarta, Indonesia? The population? You must be joking. Jakarta’s current population is big enough to replace 9/10 of the whole NLs’ population. #laventuregrams



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