Fine dinner @ Lobo Restaurant Ritz-Carlton Hotel, no big deal?

[Jakarta, @Ritz Carlton Hotel] taking Indonesian private lesson to a whole new level. It was such an honor for me to be invited for a fine dinner at one of the finest Italian restaurant in Jakarta. Please meet these kind people who happen to be my Indonesian course students. I never knew that teaching someone a language from the scratch is equal to letting yourself become a psychiatrist. Within a good two-month period, I feel like I’ve been knowing them for 5 years, or 10 years maybe? They told me about their childhood, their love stories, their works, their opinions about almost everything. It’s merely that they intentionally wanted to tell me about it, but because as we learn a language we are urged to share the “now-here-I”, the “we-past-there-but”, and the “they-one day-why&because”. Some of my students often asked me, you got your Master’s degree abroad, etc. etc. You lecture at an university. etc. etc. Why are you still doing this job? [Maybe because I once wanted so much to become a psychiatrist.] #laventuregrams


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