Master chef!

[Semarang] #latepost Apple Island. I know it’s quite late to confess how addicted I am to Master Chef reality show. I was super silly and shallow to judge a dish by its quantity and its price. Eating gourmet dishes requires, not just a hungry belly, but a full account of how it was cooked, its balance of taste, technique, persistency, knowledge, concept and idea, above all, for a true high-end restaurant, it is about an utmost perfection. A friend of mine she studied at Cordon bleu cooking institute (not sure if it’s how they call themselves), the most prestigious cooking academy in the entire of France = the world. All she could tell me was “it’s the toughest industry among the other toughest industries in the world, people yell, swear, shout, and if you are not strong enough it’s a dmn tearjerker. And anything happens, your reply should ONLY “yes chef”, no no, no “okay chef”, no “I’ll do it chef.” Nothing but “oui, chef!”/”yes chef!”.” #laventuregrams


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