Long way to go, Brussels!

[Brussels, BE; Montpellier, FR] to arrive at this airport, it took me a whole new adventurous experience level. I chose Ryanair for its cheap price to go from Brussels airport (which actually is a-60KM-away airport from the city center, I’m not kidding, it’s Bekasi-Depok-angkot distance) to Montpellier airport. Please do blame my procrastination, cause I should have arrived at Brussels Midi station before 9, yet I took the last bus from Tilburg at 6.30 (the bus normally takes 3-3,5 hours, or more). So long story short, I missed the last shuttle bus to Charleroi-Brussels airport. At that time, I was telling myself, “Congrats Bel, now please have yourself a pleasant stay at the station.” Later I realized it was not at all a good idea, since people there play with guns but don’t hand you roses. And when I saw two guys with backpack on them, “great I know we are on the same sht, dude.” so I approached them. “Hey, do you know how I can get to Charleroi-Brussels airport?” “Hi!” Then they talked between them “je sais pas moi, je connais rien Bruxelles. Mais elle est toute seule.” So they were talking in French (I have no idea about this city. But she’s alone.). They went back to me and spoke in their broken French-Lish, and I replied “je sais parler français. (I speak French.) “Ah bah oui, mais pourquoi tu nous a parlé en Anglais? (Well then, but why did you speak to us in English?)” in my mind: (so you think I should have confronted strangers in a strange place by talking to them in French?) me in reality: “well, I didn’t know you speak French.” #laventuregrams


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