[Barcelona] everyone has convinced me to “Visit Barcelona! It’s fun! It’s an awesome city! It’s party all night! It’s cool! Great beaches!” and few of them at least have mentioned “it’s a romantic city.” and the truth that actually it’s a very artistic city where you see yourself painting falling leaves in not-cubism-not-surrealism-not even-realism-whatever it is you name it- way but in your own -ism. Of course it’s pointless to mention how terrific are Gaudi’s artworks trimming every corner of this city, how this city looks like dressing up their houses in such a “Dear Majesty, we are honored and ready to come to your dancing party.” *taking a bow, bending your knees elegantly in consent submissive courtesy*, manner. Yet, what I need to highlight is that if you think that the phrase “been there, done that” fits enough to fly you here. Sorry Sir, we’re more than an one-day tour city. #laventuregrams



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