To where? Rue de Berne

[Hail Geneva! Series] off from the restaurant, we walked along the Geneva main street, tried to catch some off beaten track heading to the lake (does it even exist in this metropolitan city?), while also still searching for the famous “Rue de Berne”. Every time we passed a “rue- (street in French)” we stopped by and looked for its name. “Nope, not this one.” “Maybe the next block?”. That was the fact, but when I was re-writing this story, on this exact moment, I’ve just realized how uncivilized we were. Despite the common saying about “women can’t read a map”, we were too ignorant to just give more efforts to open our DIGITAL maps on our mobile phone, then to find the mentioned “rue”. It’s a piece of cake thingy action, no? Couldn’t find any reasonably enough reasonable reasons for this, except that we let the destiny leads us to where it desires. But, pardon, to where? #laventuregrams



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