At the chinese restaurant

[Hail Geneva! Series] if you have a specific word to define homeless girls traveling to one of the most expensive city in the world yet having a gourmet dinner at a fancy chinese restaurant. That could be us. We intended to stay at this warm restaurant while waiting for bars to open, probably around 11sh? “What’s the time?” “I think it’s 8.” “I’m almost finished with my soup.” “Slow it down, we need to stay at least two more hours here.” “Yes but. Two hours are a long time. Imagine that we need to watch 4 episodes of Spongesbob in a row. That’s two hours.” “No, it won’t be our current two-hour, this seems to be having a full two-hour lecture of French history, or, of introduction to research methods, or..” “Or waiting for 10 pm at a chinese restaurant without any food left on our table.” “That one sounds legit and true, I mean real.” But we finally only stayed until 9 pm then decided to wander along the Lehmann Lake’s banks.. Of course, it was freezing, in case you imagined the stroll would be a kind of pleasant thing. But yeah, it was. #laventuregrams



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