Settled down

[Hail Geneva! Series] it was almost 3 pm when we “settled down” in the city. I don’t indeed recommend you to do this, but, this might be a path that you might choose when you travel. So, we basically didn’t plan anything, not even a single monument we knew about when we got there. At least for me, I was bord by a novel I’ve read for more than 4 times, in three different languages (Indonesian, English, and French). I see your face expression, I know, I was (I’m) so obsessed with it!

Back to the path, it was because this personal reason that has driven me, I just didn’t feel like reading throughly all the travel blogs on Tripadvisory, Lonely Planet, or such, though maybe I wouldn’t see anything special (if what you mean by “special” constantly related to anything “high”, building, tower, monument, etc.), it wouldn’t affect my impression about this city. Cause when you travel for landmarks and things, it’s likely that you’ll be vulnerable to get dissappointed when the actual things don’t meet your expectations on them. Like for example, Paris? You should go there and meet the “people”. Asking the way to get to Eiffel tower in English, I’m sure you’ll LOVE their reaction, no no, don’t expect too much that they will answer you, that’s why I clearly stated “reaction”. But, oh yeah, fingers crossed! (Devil’s smirk) That’s why I choose to travel freely, get stranded in a place where my heart whispers “it’s there!”. If I should mention a saying to express my feeling on this photo, I would pick “I knew I loved this city before I met it”. 🙂 #laventuregrams



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