The initial plan

[Hail Geneva! Series] so our plan was like this. Started from Karita’s town, Saumur, and we were going to split our way in Milan. She went back to France, and I continued my journey to Hungary. No, dude, I wasn’t completely alone, I would have two personal native tour guides, a cook, and a breakfast companion right after I arrived there. (cc: @chouxfarcis ) Sstt she’s reading this post. ;b

Taking more than 4232KM (some missing trajects: Szeged-Frankfurt-Paris-Angers-Paris-Amsterdam-Paris-Angers-final exam), in less than two weeks, yeah, it feels like hanging out with Miss Universe at the most luxurious yacht on Bora-bora islands with hot guys everywhere, you know, not a big deal. I assure you that it will only make you feel boneless, grant you permanent eye-bags, numb feet, greasy hair, get infected by “Dmn this place, whatever Venezia I don’t care, where is my pillow, I need my bedroom, pajamas please” disease. Once you get it, it stays there, so get well soon. For me, it happened, a lot, often, most of the time, when I was traveling. Lame? Kind of.

Also, there is always a tough discussion up there, where my logic contradicts my emotion. It’s whether I want to travel or I need to get back my comfort zone. Hey, please, hand me some popcorns, they are fighting there. #laventuregrams



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