[Hail Geneva! Series] one of the most important things I’ve learned while traveling is “you’ll not only understand yourself and find the “true” you, but also will know the genuine personality of your co-traveler.” People change, in a long or short period of time, and the travelers do so. You’ll never really know someone until you spend a quite long journey with the person. In this case, my co-traveler has given all her efforts to stay patient, understand me, and not complain as much as she should have. Yes, she should have kicked me in the a**, thrown me into the Lehmann Lake, abandoned me at the station, anything, anything. Was I that annoying? I think I was. Let me skip the story a bit and tell the whole 101 the most annoying behaviors a traveler could have until the day we arrive in Venezia. 🙂 so fellows, meet Karita, Karita meet Instragram.. #laventuregrams



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