Hail Geneva! Series

[Hail Geneva! Series] “You see that castle? That’s my backyard.” Said someone in such a way that I concluded it as if she’s just said “I ate rice everyday, well, sometimes I also took a nap in the afternoon.” Nooo! Please look, girl, your backyard is just obviously stunning. Like, it’s a castle, a-c-a-s-t-l-e, a real one, I emphasized it. Overlooking the most famous river in France, la Seine, this village, called Saumur, was where Balzac spent his days writing one of his masterpieces “Eugène Grande”. Then why I included it to my Hail Geneva! Series? Cause this was the starting point of our 15 days postponed adventure stories taken in 2012! I know it was centuries ago, but the stories are still worth every penny! So if you haven’t been to Geneva, Milan, Venezia, Budapest, Szeged, and Amsterdam in a 15-day in a row, I’ll show you that traveling won’t always be a piece of cake with cherry on top.





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