Company weekend à la Dutch people

[Venlo] summing up the company gathering last weekend! First of all, I’m afraid to disappoint you but, it wasn’t horgwardly-suit-up days, yet it was all thrown up beer in the air days, and coke-water-fanta-orange juice days for me and some other persons. It started with a crazy expensive party bus, which was just, give me the word, insane! Once we got into the castle, it was like, a real one! It was huge and all the things you’ve ever imagined about this particular fairy tale thingy, exists! The ancient basement to burry dead people? That one too. So basically “they” spent the weekend by having breakfast-lunch, activities, early dinner, evening DJ-ing kind of stuffs and breakfast. See, how it seemed the breakfast chain was the beginning of the day, and/or the end of the day? #laventuregrams



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