PhD not P*zza Hut Delivery

[Tilburg] so this is how it goes. God lets me do what I love to do, lets me learn what I love to learn. And this serendipity works me through very well. As I’m doing an internship at a sustainable tourism company (working at this company becomes my first step to build my own resort group hotel later on, amien). I really love the concept, I usually don’t have a strong feeling to anything, anyway, so this one is an exception. Indonesia is the main core destination of this company, so it’s not only promoting some mainstream destinations but unique places in Indonesia where normally local people head to. Moreover, it works on grassroot level where we encourage local people as individual to lead their own tour, activity, and eat experience, subsequently to earn money from it. Above all, it gives me sort of ideas in writing my PhD proposal (deadline in couple of weeks, oh I forget my thesis deadline is haunting me as well, attraversiamo!) Regarding my PhD proposal, I’m gonna combine my 3 majors into one final dissertation, let me give you a sneak peek, “Tourism, France, Indonesia, Cultural Diversity, Sustainable Development”. I hope you guys also know where direction to point out (look at this beautiful photo taken on Karimunjawa islands!) 😉



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