When the time finally comes.

[Tilburg] “so tell me, what is your major about?” “So you are studying ethnicity?” “So you are studying like Human Resources thing as well?” “So you make sure there is no discrimination in a recruitment process?” “But you also deal with society?” “Also about social psychology?” “I mean, what’s the difference between sense of belonging and social identity, like a slight difference? “Then your research is about governmental policy in Indonesia related to an etnic-boundered community in slum areas?” Goddm those questions. I’m taking a risk in learning what none of any PhD degree in Indonesia has ever learned. It’s something beyond recognizing this ethnic differs from that one, cultural conflict emergence or such. It’s neither Law, nor Economics, nor Medicine, nor Psychology, nor Public Policy, nor Sociology, nor Anthropology cause it’s beyond your imagination. Something that people will only notice in 10 years from now. So fasten your seatbelt, and write this thesis down! 😦



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