Existensialism, give it a shot!

[Den Bosch] I once had a thoughtful convo with my petite @rannyrh about existensialism. Guess where did it happen? Somewhere at a chic Parisian Café? During the high tea time? Or over wine and luxurious dinner? Nope, it was at Pizza H*uuut. You wouldn’t imagine how this pizza fast food restaurant can torture YOU as an independent human being slash a subject of your own. To second Sartre, one can claim as a subject if one can do a “no-ing” (this is my own translation of ‘menidak’ in Indonesian) / simply say “no”, it has to be a “no” to show that you as a person has the power in driving your own life, cause then Sartre argues that saying “yes” becomes an act of being obedient, having no opinion, letting something happen without our control, in the end, having no power of saying “no”. Referring to Sartre’s mother tongue, which is French, actually the what-Sartre-means-of-‘no-ing’ couldn’t be violently translated into “no” in English, French has their sexy way to refer this particular word, to make one be a subject, to show their denials, to object things (see, why ‘objection’ can also means ‘no-ing’, it’s conceiving thing into an object meanwhile you become a subject), yes the French do have it, it’s called “si” (to defend in possitive way/denying something said in negative voice). No wonder why French people love saying “si” during high-tension-discussions. Back to Pizza H*uuut, have you ever noticed that once you sit there, all the waiter’s questions will lead you to “nod” and to say “yes”, no matter what they say. @rannyrh and I were kind of avoiding any yes at all cost during our visit. Give it a try. 🙂 #sarapanpagiberatdikit yes #gpppagi-pagingomongineksistensialismeketimbanggalau :3


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