Asian dinner in Tilburg

[Tilburg] last night I got invited to a dinner by a friend of mine. And when I arrived at hers, it turned out to be “Asian dinner”.. Seen on the photo, you’ve got Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Korean, Armenian, and Chinesesss.. That was fun to learn how Chinese can mingle with Korean but not with Japanese, no, they don’t.. As Barney said “true story”.. It was fun to know how Korean students spend their LIVES at school, in some extreme cases, from 8 am to TWO AM. Then, I know you feel guilty for yourselves, I know. I understand how hard is your attempt to study. Hightlighted, attempt. It was also fun to know where this conversation led to… This conversation.. This one.. “It’s okay for me to be a mistress, as long as he is rich ENOUGH.” Other replied “but it’s not a lifetime love, it’s only temporary, you’ll get dumped when he finds you no longer beautiful.” Other convinced “you know what, plastic surgery is so cheap in Korea, so, I’m not afraid of that.” Other conveyed “above all, I shouldn’t have to work, I could just rely on him.” That’s when Asian women have a conversation, of course for some extreme cases (or not?). Meanwhile most of Western women struggle to be recognized as independent women, to keep their “stuck up level of pride” towards men’s existence, to win over men’s position in society, family matters, and workforce. There you go, (some) Asian women are enjoying the ride of being proudly dependent to their men.






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