Let’s just stop it

[Tilburg] this post is dedicated to myself. (It’s about a food poisoned less fortunate person because he ate bad quality of rice due to his poverty). But if you think, or you feel being slapped by this news, then good. This is gonna be my early 2014 resolutions: “I will buy food because I need to feed myself, not because it’s gonna look good on my Instagram. Or I prefer then to cook it by myself. I will avoid to buy unreasonable expensive dish that I probably will buy because of its gastronomy (art of eating). I will finish my meal, which alhamdulillah I’ve always done, will continue doing so. I will choose kaki lima (street food vendors) over restaurant to dine out cause they sell food for a living not for buying mansions, Hermès bags or sport cars. Before I can help others, I think it’s always gonna be a good way to start everything by implementing it to ourselves first.” I’m eating to survive my life not to thrive or even worse for fashion. Good morning good people.



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