Learning Dutch!

[Tilburg] welkom feestdagen! Since the first day of holiday, I’ve forced myself to learn Dutch. And within 3 days (or so) I’m somehow surprised with what I’ve got so far! First, you know Dutch pronunciation the ‘g’ like in “goede morgen” quite similar to French “r”, basically it’s pronounced [krhude morkhen]. Thanks to having learned French for 5 years, this kind of sht is familiar to me. 🙂 second, recently I saw a quote which stated “Life is too short to learn German” oh God, that is true! But if you have the chance to learn it, do it! Of course at first you’re gonna see yourself beating your head against the wall, but just when you’ll finally get the logic of this language. I promise you, other Germanic languages will seem as a delighful piece of your birthday cake! I’m glad that I’ve learned it for 2 years in high school. Then, here is I’m retaining back my German vocabulary by learning Dutch. Vice-versa. Here is I’m learning Dutch by retaining back my German vocabulary. Studeer ze! 🙂



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