Eindhoven and internship interview

[Eindhoven] three days ago I posted my interview invitation on Instagram. I feel, therefore, obliged to tell you all, how it went. So basically it’s a multinational recruitment consultant based in the Netherlands where I’m applying for a stagiare to French market consultant. The job description, to me, matches so well with what I really need as my initial experience in this field of work. They deal with international employees, cultural diversity conflict management and training, and so forth. So, the interviewer and I ended up in almost a good deal. But, just when we started talking about the formalities. I suddenly hated my nationality. No offense, it’s just like that. I sometimes really want to have a double nationality or something. Being Indonesian sometimes, in some cases, is not so favorable. Anyway, the decision will be announced in January. This is a photo taken in the middle of Christmas sale, when everybody was rushing to get from one store to another. I stopped by, and enjoyed this ironical spectacle. Maybe he just needs some food when you (think you) need another Coach item, Bel.







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