Why you should study in the library and NOT IN YOUR ROOM, Bel!

Here is some attempts that I made to convince myself about studying in the library is way better than in my cozy room.

1. It is true that you cannot easily eat in the library, (this is what I always complain of, I always think that It’s gonna cost a lot of money to buy extra food and stuffs) but you can, of course, prepare some food beforehand so that you can eat it in cafeteria here. Then no excuse Bel.

2. You get a comfortable chair to lean on, it’s good to keep your back straight and you’re not gonna get a back pain, as you always do when you study on the bed, RIGHT? So, why wouldn’t you?

3. The ambiance you get in the library makes you want to read, want to write, want to STUDY. The ambiance you get in your room is truth to be told, makes you straight away go to sleep! And listen to some music, keep doing it, and procrastinate tasks that you actually should do in between.

4. You are way more concentrated in the library, you work effectively and enjoy yourself, so why are you avoiding this place? You’re such a lazy lady!

5. If you run out of laptop battery, go use the provided computers! or simply bring your own charger! Life is simple Bel. Bear in mind!


Okay that’s enough for today. So, myself could you just be cooperative with myself? Thanks,


I need to study and need to focus on my assignments.





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