Visit in return to Nijmegen

[Nijmegen] it’s been awhile since my last post, then I’m sure that you could conclude what I was actually doing last couple of days. 😉 So, yesterday I went to the oldest city in the Netherlands, named Nijmegen [Neimekhren] or Nimègue in French. You know, the French people like to give “identity” to every little detail in the world at least to show their power relation, in this case, in language (since a name is part of identity as well). Let’s move! I went here to visit a friend of mine, the girl I met in Balikpapan, etc etc, I’ve mentioned this girl, I think, several times. So I assume that you know her quite well now. 😉 she lives in the same city with her mother and her boyfriend, but each of them has their own apartment. That’s a bit strange when “you’ve been in relationship with someone for more than 1 year and still you live separately, in 3 minutes walking distance.” That’s what I learned both in France or here in the Netherlands. But she does, she enjoys her life as an independent coupled up girl. That’s pretty cool. Then we walked around the city center and ended up having dinner at her mother’s apartment. One thing to be highlighted here is, I found this city quite similar to Geneva (Genève, Switzerland) where you can walk along the river bank with night cruise, floating restaurants, beautiful bridge on the one side and casino, high-end restaurants, hotels on the other side. Worth visiting especially in the summertime! Let’s do! 🙂






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