Antwerp for the second time! :)

[Antwerpen, again] it is rare for me to go to the same city twice. However, that would be the case for Antwerp! I went there by chance, because my first destination was to visit Liège, the biggest French-speaking city in Belgium. Obviously, I would like to go there to speak French, yes, I was ‘that’ desperately in need of speaking French. But, I didn’t know that cheap train ticket should be bought online and nowhere else. So than, I made up my mind to go somewhere in Belgium, suddenly it turned out to be Antwerp, again. But then, on my way to Antwerp, from Turnhout by bus, I met a group of young people with “ça va? Ça va! Bonjour! Salut” accent. I was like, no they don’t speak Belgian-French, it’s parisien accent, I spotted Lyonais accent. My life had been saved, they are French. 🙂 so, I finally spent my one-day trip to Antwerp with them. Nice shot huh, still could speak French with the French without going to the French-speaking city though!






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