Oral exam! Research skills: Narratives

Today, 24th October 2013, I did an oral exam for one of my subject. The prof for this subject is a Belgian guy, he speaks French, Dutch, and English. From the first time that he announced about the oral exam, I started to think about taking it in French. Sure thing I was hesitating along the way, whether I would be able to do that, or not.

Yesterday til this morning I was studying hard to get to know the concepts and stuff, plus, to translate some specific terms in French. That required quite hard work huh.

Today, I stepped in his office and the warmly he asked, in English or in Dutch, I said, “en français” in French. He directly stared at me and well, let’s do this! 🙂

It went quite well I think, I could answer all the concepts, even if we were asked to take one envelop and within it we found two concepts to which we only needed to choose one. Finally I explained both! Simple lucky me, I studied those two concepts just before I started the exam. And then we continued to elaborate the concept with the interview that we’ve done before and so forth.

I was so happy to challenge myself by doing it in French. You know, I was so happy. I am happy. Or beyond happy. Plus the fact that I could answer all the questions were about to make me even happier!

That was a hard work, I should tell.


Abellia Anggi Wardani


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