DALF C1 and C2 some tips

I found so many people have searched “C1 and C2 DALF”. Maybe I’d better off share my experience towards them.

So, first of all, I took the C1 and C2 DALF at the same time in June 2013. Not so long time ago, just a few months before. 

Truth to be told, the C1 level is way more complicated if I can tell than the C2 level. 

Regarding the type of exams, for C1 level, you need to pass 4 exams on the same day, started with compréhension orale, compréhension écrite, and production écrite. Then you continue for production orale. Compared to C2 level, you only have 2 exams to be finished, compréhension orale plus production orale, then compréhension écrite and production écrite.

Some tips that probably will be useful for you,

1. Train yourself speaking French and record it, so that you can test your pronunciation.

2. Skype or talk with the Native French as much as possible. 

3. Write at least one redaction in French every day about current issues

4. Learn again French grammar

5. Enhance your vocabulary by reading French books and so forth

Finally, I hope that these two ultimate levels will not kill you. Believe that these exams are bearable. 

Don’t be nervous on your production orale, cause you’ll get minus on your marks.


Good luck for the exams!


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