Rotterdam vs Amsterdam

[Rotterdam] when Persija’s rival is PersiBandung and vice-versa, here in the Netherlands, we’ve got Rotterdam vs Ajax Amsterdam. Lately I’ve figured out how Indonesian behaviors are somehow inherited from Dutch culture. You just need to nod on it ja. No bidding. We’ve been together since long time, that would be the case then. Cause that is true that we cross the street anywhere but zebracross; it’s also true that we eat rollade, perkedel, and sometimes even steak; so as if anytime you find it’s hard to explain a name of thing, that you probably not familiar with its English word, try Dutch then. Maag? Sakit maag means sakit perut. Faucet? It’s kraan. Electronic socket? Stopcontact. Or Skriptie? And some bits about Rotterdam, it was bombed in the 2nd World War, the 2nd largest city, the most modern city in the Netherlands, and the windiest city I can tell. So, perhaps you then realize why I didn’t take any fascinating old architecture and put it on here. Welcome to the Cubic house!







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