Marriage, at Tilburg city hall

[living in Tilburg] Couple of days ago I went to tilburg city hall to register myself as Tilburg temporary citizen. And just when I finished my stuffs and intended to get out from the building, I was stopped by this scene. It was at 8 o’clock in the morning, and someone was someone’s bride at that time. Well, at some point in your life, you would think that, maybe tying up a relationship into a (hopefully) permanent bond, needs to be taken into account. Seen on the photo, she looks happy right? But then, coincidentally, Cinderella story was also ended by the marriage and for some reason, it’s better not to know the rest of her life after this socially recognized union. Yeah, for some reason.



2 thoughts on “Marriage, at Tilburg city hall

  1. Actually, that makes me kind a curious …. what díd happen next in Cinders’ life?!

    (And, quizzical thing, the pic doesn’t show a groom, making it pretty mysterious.)

    1. Well, that’s a good question. Me too, I’m curious about how the rest of Cinder’s life, the story has never been told ever since. And actually the groom was there, I just didn’t snap it entirely. 🙂

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