[studying] just borrowed a book from campus library titled Speaking of Sadness. I was dragged to pick this book over the others, simply because it fitted with the lack of sunshine lately in my town. Which, however has forced me to feel a lesser degree of happiness that it gradually turns down, or off. Reading about sadness, depression, disconnection, and “weak heart” on these gloomy days is such a good companion. Hello Autumn.

I first realized the link between gloomy weather and self depression when I was doing my internship on the North part of France, called Normandy (la Normandie). I stayed there for 4 months which were quite long. There, I experienced that life was in constant need of hope. Yes, every morning when you opened your window, a little hope raised in your mind, “will there be sunshine today?”. The thing was that, it was just rare. You seemed to never see the sun’s coming, saying hello, or anything. It was just dark, cloudy, windy, and cold.

That situation would lead us to feel depression deeply. We would set up our face in a depress look, cold attitude, and less talkative. However, actually deep inside everybody who was living there needed to a little warm hug.


14th September 2013.




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