Autum in Holland

[traveling] Today I probably have talked a lot about Autumn’s coming. Yeah that’s true. Grown up in tropical country with, “gile dingin banget ACnya! Berapa derajat sih? 16. Oh pantesan! Gedein donk!” sort of sentences. I feel like, well okay Holland, now you introduce me with your “real” weather. Yesterday was quite warm with 28C at max, and todayyyy it’s around 11-9C and still counting down. Please do tell me, what do you expect me to react? Complaining? Well I did. Seen on this picture, I was on my way going back home after having bought a bike, I then decided to stop at a café and ended up with this giant “pizza”. It was at noon, and my friend and I was like “(talk dirty) (talk dirty) syiet I freeze! Let’s eat! Dem too big! Well I’m beyond hungry. Eat it up. Take picture. Yeah. Take picture!” We then devoured it instead.




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